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  • Students in the Department of Psychology collaborate with leading scholars and other graduate students in conducting research that is sensitive to historical issues and relevant to contemporary questions while also contributing to basic psychological theory.

    Recent Dissertations


    Clinical Psychology

    Sarah Elizabeth Fuller Beranbaum
    "Hearts Beat On: Social Isolation Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic and Community Resilience Factors"

    Kehana Elizabeth Bonagura
    "An Intersectional Examination of the Associations Between Attachment Styles, Depressive Symptoms, and Sexually Minoritized Identity Dimensions for Biracial Bisexual Individuals"

    Rebecca Reidy Bunn
    "Psychoeducation, Determinism, and Attitudes Toward Harm Reduction Interventions in the Treatment of Problematic Substance Use"

    Jack Trevor Friedman
    "The Relation of Nonverbal Synchrony and Therapeutic Alliance Ruptures"

    Kathryn LeNeave Geske
    "Attachment and Parenting Strategies within the Clean-up Task Among Families Participating in the Group Attachment-Based Intervention (GABI)"

    Evan Samuel Henritze
    "The Moral Injuries of Climate Change: Network Analyses of Betrayal and Individualized Responsibility"

    Jerzy William Kaufmann
    "Where Does the Sea End and the Wave Begin? A Comparison of Operational Definitions for Coding Alliance Ruptures"

    Julia Kennedy
    "Trauma Exposure and Alterations in Future Self-Continuity During the COVID-19 Pandemic"

    Deniz Kocas
    "An Exploration of the Relationship between Endometriosis Stigma and Depression"

    Edlyane Medina Escobar
    "Ties that Bind: Colonial Mentality and Racial Embodiment in Puerto Ricans"

    Noga Miron
    "The Shadow of Secrecy: A Quasi-Experimental Family Systems Approach to Suicide and Suicide Loss"

    Koret Munguldar
    "Early Childhood Adversity and Self-Alienation in Emerging Adult Women: Unique Roles of Interoceptive Sensibility and Self-Compassion"

    Lindsey Myers
    "Trauma and Resilience: The Role of States of Mind and Reflective Functioning in Mother-Infant Interactions"

    Luciana Oliveira Dos Santos
    "The Subjective Experience of Latinx Family Caregivers of Adult Patients in the ICU: A Secondary Analysis"

    Kendall Pfeffer
    "Moving Beyond Harm Reduction: A Mixed-Methods Study Examining the Impact of Training and Supervision in Problem Management Plus for Generalist Community Providers in NYC"

    Chloe Louise Sherrill
    "Cultural Adaptation of Problem Management Plus (PM+): A Task-Sharing Psychologica Intervention to Address Time Management and Stress Among University Students"

    Cognitive, Social, and Developmental Psychology
    Juliana Black
    "Socially Sacred: Sacred Values Define Social Identities"

    Olivia G. Cadwell
    "Collective Agency and the Temporal Variability of Mental Time Travel in a Climate Context"

    Jessica Engelbrecht
    "To Protect Yourself, or Confront the Problem? Moral Gossip in the U.S. and Japan"

    Anne Kathrin Lehner
    "Borders of Belonging: Nationality as a Widely Accepted Frontier of Exclusion and Source of Privilege"

    Denise Poche-Jetter
    "Eat, Mate, Kill: Influence of Local Environment and Social Affordances on Animacy Perception and Attribution of Intention"

    Elif Sozer
    "Diverging Realities: Role of Motivation in Updating Mnemonic Representations"


    Clinical Psychology

    Anthony George Boiardo 
    "Reflected in the Mirror (Paradigm): Body Representations and Adult Attachment in Sexual Minority Men"

    Jordan J. Dunn
    "Showing Up Again and Again: Recoiling from Hurt, Generating Connection, and Building Community Power in Migrant Justice Solidarity Activism"

    Joshua D. Finkelstein
    "The Psychotherapist’s Dance: A Thematic Analysis of Responsiveness"

    Jamie M. Gardella
    "Impact of Memory Sharing on Psychological Functioning and Relationship Quality in U.S. Service Members and their Spouses"

    Jennifer Ruth Halpern
    "Exploring Concurrent Validity of a Coding Interactive Behavior Approach to Middle Childhood"

    Marcy Hudson
    "How Visualizations Used in Mood Tracking Apps Can Affect Viewers’ Comprehension of Mood States"

    Azeemah Kola
    "Magical Contagion and Psychiatric Disorders"

    Kellie Ann Lee
    "The Role of Dissociation and Agency in Childbirth"

    Omer Leshem
    "Musical Collaborations During COVID-19—How the Remote Music-Making Process Affected Jazz Musicians’ Communication, Social Dynamics, and Musical Decisions"

    Hillary Dora Litwin
    "Neurodevelopmental Symptom Profiles, Psychiatric Comorbidities, and Impairment in a Sample of Children and Young Adults with Nonverbal Learning Disability"

    Joshua Maserow
    "FIRST for Medical Social Workers: Evaluating the Impact of Facilitative Interpersonal and Relational Skills Training (FIRST) on Medical Social Workers’ Interpersonal Skillfulness"

    Madeline Caulfield McKeon
    "Unwanted Sexual Experiences in the Peace Corps: How the Myth of the Good Volunteer Perpetuates Silence and Betrayal"

    Aniella Lincoln Perold
    "The Influence of Parental Representations on Women’s Experiences of Their Bodies and Bodily Signals"

    Emily Rose Weiss
    "Examining Associations Between Hoarding Disorder and Boredom Using an Online Decision-Making Paradigm"


    Cognitive, Social, and Developmental Psychology

    Eran Barzilai
    "Alone with Your Thoughts: The Behavioral, Physiological, and Emotional Effects of Explicit and Implicit Social Rejection in Individuals with Suicidal Ideation"

    Nicole M. Petrovich Brennan
    "The Effect of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Emotion Regulation and Attachment: A Combined Behavioral and Neurophysiological Study"

    Molly Elizabeth Duffy
    "Facilitative Interpersonal Skills (FIS) and High-Risk Scenarios: An Adaptation of the FI Task for Working with Suicidal Clients"

    Jordan J. Dunn
    "Beyond Burnout: Racial and Migrant Justice Activism Over Time"

    Joshua D. Finkelstein
    "The Psychotherapist’s Dance: A Grounded Theory of Responsiveness"

    Katrina Stephanie Hacker
    "Infertility: An Embodiment Approach"

    Michael Aaron Holtzman
    "Swallowing Risk: Medical Messaging, Shameless Sex, and the Creation of New PrEP Identities"

    Marcy Hudson
    "How Visualizations Used in Mood Tracking Apps Can Affect Viewers’ Understanding of Mood States"

    Sophia Williams Kapten 
    "Becoming an African Centered Psychologist: A Phenomenological Study of African Centered Wisdom and Practice"

    Kellie Ann Lee
    "The Role of Agency in Childbirth"

    Kristin Schmidt Lewis
    "The Group Attachment-Based Intervention: Effects on Attachment Security and Disorganization"

    Sam Aaron Marcus
    "Guy-necology: Transmasculine Individuals’ Experiences of Pelvic Exams"

    Yi Miao
    "Sociocultural Variables and Neuropsychological Test Performance Among Chinese and Chinese Americans"

    Jacob Samuel Nacheman
    "Assessing Objective Countertransference in a New Medium: Interpersonal Processes in Text-Based Online Messaging" Therapy

    Maryam Omidi
    "Legally White, Socially Brown: Iranian-Americans Negotiating Race, Identity, and Well-being"

    Andrea L. Singer
    "LGBTQ? #MeToo: Knowing and Not Knowing at the Intersection of Individual and Cultural Trauma" 

    Gregory T. Weil
    "A Mixed Methods Examination of Rupture-Repair Process in Strong Alliance-Poor Outcome Treatments with Friendly Submissive Patients" 

    Jennifer Whitney
    "Prosociality and Prejudice in a Pandemic: Mindfulness, Buddhist Values, and Social Justice During Covid-19"

    Clinical Psychology

    Travis Cyr
    "Malleable National Collective Memory Among White and Black Americans"

    Louise Hviid
    "Social Influence on Curiosity and Curiosity-mediated Memory: Results of Three Experimental Case Studies"

    Georgina Mary Macken
    "The Stranger Effect: In Search of an Accurate General Intelligence Score for Children with Autism"

    Ezras Tellalian
    "Bored Already? Establishing the Boundary Conditions for Boredom Induction"

    Meymune Nur Topcu
    "The Role of Narratives in Collective Future Thinking: The Case of American Exceptionalism"

    Zhenlan Wang
    "Responsibility and Relational Concerns in Advice Giving: A Comparison Among Americans, Chinese, and Indians"


    Cognitive, Social, and Developmental Psychology

    Marian Adams
    "The Influence of Reciprocity on the Underestimation of Compliance Effect: Exploring the Asymmetrical Concerns Facing Helpers and Help-seekers in Social Support"

    Ragnhild Bruland
    "The Flex Dance Program - Exploring Pathways to Resilience: A Program Evaluation"

    Martino Ongis
    "The Psychology of Zero-sum Thinking"

    Crystal Marie Shackleford
    "Beliefs about God in Intergroup Relations"

    Oksana Sivkovich Fagin
    "Exploring Attention and Perception Using Hypnosis"

    Clinical Psychology

    Lisa Marie Botticelli
    "Challenges of Medical Residency"

    Thomas Wen Chi Chao
    "A Systematic Review and Empirical Study of the Role of Boredom in Substance Use Problems"

    Jessica V. DelNero
    "The Role of Stress Burdens on the Parent-Child Relationship and the Impact of thes Stress Burdens on Intervention Outcomes in the Group Attachment-Based Intervention Randomized Control Trial"

    Jordan J. Dunn
    "'You Can’t Deport a Movement': Sustaining Racial + Immigrant Justice Activism"

    Martin Fagin
    "Fostering Mnemonic Convergence: The Role of Relational Motives and Social Presence in Eliciting Socially Shared Retrieval-induced Forgetting"

    Victoria Kaitlin Foley
    "Assessing Therapist Competency in a New Medium: Development of a Text-Base Facilitative Interpersonal Skills Performance Task and Trial of the Measure in Online Messaging Therapy"

    Margaux Genoff
    "'I Would Never Call It a Good Time': A Mixed-Methods Study Exploring the Experience of the Pelvic Exam for Individuals in the United States"

    Samuel Robert Koval
    "Prepare to Be Bored: The Effects of a Brief Mindfulness Induction on State Boredom during Monotonous Tasks"

    Audrey Kucer
    "Changes in Child Self-Control and Parenting Strategies Across Treatment Amon Families Participating in the Group Attachment-Based Intervention (GABI)"

    Lorena Natalie Lopez
    "A Mixed Method Approach to Exploring Clinical Supervision in the Context of the Group"

    Emily Maple
    "Boredom Awareness and Alcohol Use: An Intervention"

    Jacob Samuel Nacheman
    "Investigating the Mentorship Alliance in Incarcerated Youths"

    Ali Shames-Dawson
    "Undoing Dissociation: Masculinity, #MeToo, and Moral Concern"

    Erin Stafford
    "I Want to Hold Your Hand: How Trauma Impacts the Utilization of Social Support to Regulate Threat"

    Lucy Carrell Wood
    "Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, and Emotional Distress in Journalists: The Role of Emotion Regulation and Exposure to Trauma"


    Cognitive, Social, and Developmental Psychology

    Muge Erol
    "Perception and Awe: How Awe Affects What We See"

    Alison Jane Martingano
    "Virtual Reality: A Computer-Generated Empathy Pill?"

    Clinton Robert Merck
    "Social Identity and Public Event Memory: The Role of Event-centrality in Event Memory Formation and Maintenance"

    Clinical Psychology

    Kelsey Joan Armusewicz 
    "The REARING Coding System (RCS): Development of a Competence Coding System for the Group Attachment Based Intervention (GABI)"

    Emily K. Breitkopf
    "Envisioning Others: A Study of Fetal Sex Determination and Compulsory Cisnormativity in the United States"

    Daniela Laura Cannizzaro
    "The Role of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders"

    Jeana Lee DeMairo
    "Assessing Factors Contributing to Treatment Retention for Mothers and Children Enrolled in Group Attachment-Based Intervention (GABI) and Evaluating Changes in Dyadic Relationship"

    Elizabeth Isaac Feinberg
    "Self-Objectification and Menstruation: The Role of Negative Attitudes and Emotions about Menstruation on the Experience of Physical Menstrual Symptoms"

    Rachel Ganz
    "Long-Term Effects of a Peer Play Psychotherapy Preschool Intervention"

    Amanda Ann Helmers
    "Coordinating with Self and Other: The Role of Interoception and Emotion Regulation in Mother-Infant Interactions Sarah Herzog A Multi-Method Examination of Altered Threat Responding in Adults with Childhood Polyvictimization"

    Vivian Josefina Khedari Rengifo
    "Out of Ivory Towers and into Refugee Camps: Providing Refugees with Accessible Resources on the Biological and Psychological Effects of Forced Migration"

    Elena C. Lord
    "Reflective Functioning in Clinical Supervision of the Group Attachment-Based Intervention"

    Madeleine Miller-Bottome
    "Negotiating a Secure Base: A Study of Attachment in the Rupture Repair Process"

    Nadia Nicole Nieves
    "I Wanna Rock with You: The Facilitative Effects of Interpersonal Synchrony and Interoceptive Awareness on Self-regulation Among Traumatized Individuals in Romantic Couples"

    Jacob Nyman
    "Strengths and Limitations of the Segmented Working Alliance Inventory-Observer form (S-WAI-O) for Identifying Ruptures and Repairs in the Therapeutic Alliance"

    Priyanka Shokeen
    "Explorations in Case Level Alliance Rupture and Repair Using Task Analysis: A Revised Model"

    Erin Stafford
    "I Want to Hold Your Hand: How Trauma Survivors Utilize Social Support to Mitigate Threat and Implications for Intervention"

    Jessica M. Usem
    "Maternal Adverse Childhood Experiences and Child Attachment: The Role of Secure Base Script Knowledge and Sociodemographic Risk"

    Lucy Carrell Wood
    "Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, and Emotional Distress in Journalists: The Role of Emotion Regulation and Exposure to Trauma"


    Cognitive, Social, and Developmental Psychology

    Alyson Emily Aladro
    "Preverbal Infants’ Expectations about Group Membership and Valenced Social Behaviors"

    Victoria P. S. Lindstone
    "Speech Production and the Language Neural Network: The Critical Role of White Matter as Evidenced by the Study of Early-Onset Multiple Sclerosis"

    Elisa Laura Monti
    "Assessment of Victim Vulnerability from Voice"

    Denise Poche-Jetter
    "Eat, Mate, Kill: A Cross-Cultural Examination of Intentional Attribution in Animacy Displays"

    Christopher Robert Seemann
    "Waiting to be Bored: A Case for Anticipatory Boredom with Physiological and Other Correlates"

    Clinical Psychology

    Çiçek Erdem
    "Attachment Patterns, Masculinity and Body Representations"

    Nicholas A. Fehertoi
    "Master of Your Domain? On the Relationship Between Trauma, the Body, and the Sense of Agency"

    Elizabeth Isaac Feinberg
    "Self-Objectification and Menstruation: The Role of Negative Attitudes and Emotions about Menstruation on the Experience of Physical Symptoms"

    Iryna Krotava
    "Psychological Factors Associated with Risk-Taking Behavior among Traders in the Financial Industry"

    Nancy C. Ng
    "Taoist Cognitive Group Therapy"

    Lory Jean Reyes
    "Just Relax: Effects of a Brief Meditation Induction on Dimensions of State Impulsivity"

    Camila María Rivera-Morales
    "The Interplay of Sociocultural Context, Parenting, and Intergenerational Maltreatment Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder"

    Gillian Shoshana Wilson
    "Boredom is Polarizing: The Effects of Boredom on Ideological Extremes"

    Autumn S. Winslow
    "Disentangling 'Those Times of the Month': Experiences Managing & Making Sense of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder"

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