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  • While often understood as a technical tool designed to clarify the strategic use of resources for an institution, strategic planning for our university has been a process of learning through critique and preparing for the continuous adaptation these fast-changing times demand. 

    In April 2024, we concluded phase one of the Strategic Planning project, which was launched in fall 2021 under the leadership of Provost Renée T. White and co-chair Professor Lara Penin, then co-chair of the Faculty Senate. From the very beginning, our strategic planning was conceived as a deeply collaborative effort, embodying a commitment to participatory governance and a community-wide invitation to reimagine, reflect, and plan for the future.

    Our findings include a set of Community Priorities, each of which is drawn from our 18 months of Compassionate Critiques, Visioning Sessions, meetings with staff and faculty bodies, surveys, and other methods through which we heard from campus community members through more than 2,000 points of contact.

    Ranked priorities according to community input data:  

    1. Stabilize the university’s financial health.

    2. Achieve equity across roles, statuses, and processes.

    3. Practice accountable, transparent communication.

    4. Be a student-centered university.

    5. Recommit to research, scholarship, and creative practice and to pedagogical innovation.

    6. Build community.

    7. Develop equitable and efficient resource use and allocation policies and processes.

    The draft report, A Foundation for Our Future: The New School Strategic Planning Report, is intended as a tool to prompt reflection in our entire campus community at a moment of change. The final version is forthcoming and pending endorsement from the Board of Trustees and incoming president in fall 2024. It will include the full set of data, additional tools for implementation, and reference material. 

    We encourage all members of the New School community to be involved in this work and send us questions and ideas at [email protected].

  • The New School's strategic planning process officially commenced in spring 2022. Charged by President Dwight A. McBride, and using his Framework for Fearless Progress as guidance, Dr. Renée T. White, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, leads this process with Dr. Lara Penin, Professor of Transdisciplinary Design, Parsons School of Design. 

    As co-chairs, Dr. White and Dr. Penin work together with the Strategic Planning Steering Committee and our community partner, FLOX Studio, to design and implement a transparent and equitable process that informs the many levels of community engagement critical to creating a thoughtful, actionable, and sustainable strategic plan for The New School.

    This process was paused during the fall 2022 semester, while our community turned our full attention to the vitally important work of negotiating a fair contract with our part-time faculty union. Following a period of reflection after the fall 2022 semester, this process was relaunched in spring 2023, with meetings held throughout the semester to bring students, faculty, and staff together to clearly articulate the pathways forward to becoming a university that fully animates our mission, vision, and values. 

    "The challenging reality is that we cannot do everything at once and will need to set priorities and goals based on agreed-upon principles, some of which are found in the strategic plan and others that will flow from it....There are different points of entry to the important work and tasks ahead, and I hope each of you can identify the spaces that make sense and are appealing to you. This is complex work for complex times, and I welcome all who are ready to join me."

    —Provost Renée T. White

    Read Provost White's extended reflections on her first year as provost at The New School.

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